Dr. Afshad Ahmed B.Z


Head of School's Welcome,

Bengaluru Public School was founded by F.J.S Educational Trust,

Evolution of Bengaluru public  School into a world-class children’s university, producing the finest school-graduates to serve and lead the advanced society of tomorrow.


To achieve excellence in delivering quality education of global standards, coupled with innovative practices using advanced technology and expertise, transforming the student community into potential global leaders with accountability to meet the social, national and dynamic global challenges.

The mission and vision statement complements the objectives of the institution which draw inspiration from the Higher Education policies of the Nation.

  • To create and nurture a learning and knowledge based environment, conducive to the pursuit of quality education which would transform a socially responsible generation to act on their professional values and beliefs.

  • To bring about overall personality development, fostering a caring and creative environment that emphasizes physical, social and intellectual development.

  • To instil a sense of understanding, remarkable resilience and enduring adaption to a diverse, competitive and dynamic society.

Message from Founders

Mr. Zameer Ahmed and Mrs. Fahimunisa Ahmed

Founders, FJS group of institutions
  • Bengaluru Public School
  • MM English High School
  • New Oxford Public School
  • FJS NTT college

“Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world” were the watchwords by Mr. Zameer Ahmed and Mrs. Fahimunisa Ahmed  soul behind FJS educational trust and Bengaluru public school who dedicated their life to the cause of inspiring young minds to learn and live their learning. Having imbibed a code of ethics and system of values under the guidance of Many philosophers  ; Sri Zameer ahmed decided to establish an organisation that would incorporate this wisdom. Thus was born the FJS trust and its educational Bengaluru public school and the School have sought to sustain and inspire the cause of Education, Indian Culture and Tradition by supporting various cultural and educational activities.

the motto of starting and educational institute is that to change the world with education, where the people can afford the education with affordable, comfortable and with ease. 

The school ensures to enrich the students in both scholastic and co-scholastic fields and prepares them to face the world with utmost confidence.The main criteria is to understand the psychology of the students and cater to their needs. The school helps the students to strive for creative thinking and help them to develop self-reliance. The school sees to it that the core principles of teaching are inculcated. The methodology followed by the trained teachers help children in their academic, cognitive process

"Educating a girl is educating a nation". was one of the major aim to process the BPS school to provide and and education to the girl child with affordable fee structure.

Message from President desk

Dr. Gulshad Ahmed B.Z

President, FJS group of institutions
Commissioner - Hindustan scouts and guides 
"Education is the key to success in life and teachers makes it lasting impacts in the life of their students."

Knowledge is power, but it becomes powerful when it is administered systematically. We at Bengaluru public School, permeate the knowledge through various quizzes, plethora of competitions such as – creative writing, elocution, pick-n-act, pick-n-speak, and numerous knowledge building measures. We believe that one shouldn’t wait beside the flooded river for it to recede the water level rather acquire the knowledge to sail through the tempest! That is real application of knowledge.

BPS advocates that motivation is of paramount importance to younger generation. To motivate the students we invite prominent guest lecturers, renowned orators, celebrities from various walks of life, young entrepreneurs and the people who have made the difference in the society through their path breaking, path showing, and revolutionary ideology. We make it apparent that it being a cut throat competitive world, motivation is the key to the schooling for winning edge.

  • President of KUSMA (Karnataka Unaided School Management Association).

  • Best social worker of India Award 2012.

  • Pursued PhD in humanity. 

  • State Commissioner : Hindustan Scouts and Guides, Karnataka

Message from Principal desk

Dr. Afshad Ahmed B.Z

Principal - Bengaluru Public School
Secretary - FJS Group of Institution 
State Chairman - Hindustan Scouts and Guides, Karnataka
"Education is the passport to future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today."

Education consists of curriculum & Co-Curriculum. “Curriculum” is a very slow aspect of Education which entails ‘Bookish Knowledge & which is ever-lasting; the focus of education is upon mental development of a child. The holistic development of personality incorporates Mental, Physical, Emotional, Cultural, Social, Spiritual etc. developments; the ‘Mental Development’ is possible with the deep, sincere, continuous & devoted studies of subject or Subjects. The ‘Learning by rote’ is one among many retainable methods of studies.

The divergent aspects of co-curriculum like Music, Dance, Art, Sport etc. are part of Education, and not main part of the Education as these cannot replace ‘Knowledge’ for complete ‘Manhood’. These things also play an important role, but cannot replace ‘studies, learning, knowledge of subjects; with the help of these activities one may become a good artist, a good musician, a good dancer or a good player but one can not become a good engineer, a good administrator, a good orator, a good advocate etc. There may be one among millions lucky persons like Sachin and other very few entertainers, but country can be run only with Scholars, Professionals, Advocates, C.A., Writers, Orators etc. not by the musicians, Dancers, Actors, Painters etc. Hence due importance should be given to the Co-Curricular & Extra-Curricular activities in the School - Curriculum, but not at the cost of main objectives of imparting and achieving, teaching and learning, studies and knowledge. My special appeal is to the teaching community, parents and students that we should follow the dictum of ‘survival of the fittest’. We can remain ‘fit’ professionally, economically, socially etc. to survive and succeed in life and career.

We should stress upon keeping a balance between Curriculum and Co-Curricular, between activities like music, art, dance, sports etc. and pursuit of learning, knowledge studies etc.

  • Karnataka state working Chairman -- Hindustan Scouts and Guides Association ( Recognized by ministry of youth affairs and sports, govt of India. affiliated to World federation of Independent scouts, Germany)                                                   

  • State Commissioner : Avantika , (A Group of contemporary artist and intellectuals,New Delhi) Recognized by Ministry of HRD, Govt of India   

  • State Council Member: Cricket of Karnataka, Sports Authority of India.                                                                                                

  • General Secretary : Private School and Children Welfare Association Karnataka                                                                              

  • Honorable Advisor :  Sports Academy Association of India, Recognized by Ministry of HRD Govt of India

Message from HM desk

Mrs. Mohana

Head Mistress 
"The teacher plants the  seeds of knowledge
which grows forever ."

It is great pleasure and privilege that The Bengaluru Public School has successfully completed 10 years of its meritorious service to the society. For the decade, our school has been in the news for its value-based quality education, outstanding  Results, and excellence in co-curricular activities. Our students bag top positions and win awards, be it Academic, Cultural or Sports Competitions. The credit for all this tremendous progress goes to the School Management, devoted teachers, promising students and zealous parents. We ponder that still we have to achieve higher goals.

I have always believed that ‘The Child’ is the joint responsibility of teacher and parents. Hence it is their sacred duty to provide congenial atmosphere both at home and at school. Let the child grow, bloom and blossom in the congenial atmosphere at both the places.